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Army Boots
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Veterans transition corps 501-(c)(3)

When our military veterans depart from active duty, many soldiers experience an unfamiliar emptiness. After years of being specialized community members, having defined purpose, and experiencing the adrenaline rush that comes with mission execution, soldiers often need assistance transition into full-time, civilian living. Being veterans ourselves, we fully understand these feelings, and we are completely invested in supporting and mentoring our fellow former soldiers, through the utilization of an aviation-based infrastructure. 

At it's heart, Veterans Transition Corps (VTC) is passionate and dedicated to the transitioning of our nation's dedicated defenders into distinguished aviators. By harnessing aviation-based, educational opportunities, our intention is the create an environment that channels the passion and skills formerly utilized for military assignments, into new forms of expertise designed for aeronautical missions of repair, reach, and rescue. The goal of VTC, with support from a select community of aviators and aeronautical professionals, is to reignite the intrinsic spirits of camaraderie, confidence, and conviction that propel our former defenders to accomplish new missions of service through aviation. 

we proudly assist veterans & their family


Helping veterans continue to learn new skills such as aviation maintenance and working towards their flying goals. 

Medical Transport

Ensuring veterans are comfortable as they travel to their necessary medical appointments.

Necessary Transport

Allowing veterans the opportunities they deserve by way of flight. 

your donations save lives

With veteran suicide rates continuing to increase, please consider partnering with us to keep veterans part of a wonderful, passionate community. The unfortunate truth it many veterans are unable to find this type of support outside of military-life. We are a community dedicated to see the needs of veterans and their families be met. Consider donating today!

VTC proudly assists veterans with job readiness

If you or someone you know is interested in flight training with Sandhills Fliers, please consider applying for our

VTC Aviation Training Scholarship below.

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