About Us

Sovereign Aerospace is an LLC umbrella holding company based in North Carolina at the Moore County Airport at KSOP.

We are proud to be a Christian-affiliated business and strive to do all things with excellence. Our mission is to help active-duty military and veterans in the field of aviation build community and learn new skill sets. 

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Our Story

At the end of his Air Force career, Sovereign Aerospace Founder and CEO, Slim Thompson, had the vision to launch a Christian mission in the Sandhills area using his love of aviation. 

After retiring in 2014, Slim with a group of other retired military pilots, an engineer, and a doctor bought their own Piper Cherokee 6 to use for Christian missions and humanitarian efforts. This included transporting Wounded Warriors home from Washington DC and to their medical appointments. Many of these military members had interest in flying, but didn't know how to take the plunge. Slim frequently kept in contact with them after their flights, and many times sent them the Ground School curriculum to read during their recovery. He could see that this was just the start of something great.

A big objective of ours is continuing to provide veterans and their families with support once they leave the military. Our Sovereign Aerospace Director and CFO, Ken Hadaway, has a background in counseling and pastoring, SCORE mentoring history, a Finance Masters Degree, and past military experience. He is a great asset in providing many of these veterans with the services and encouragement they need during the transition to civilian life.  

With God's perfect timing, 2021 allowed Sovereign to open publicly. As a holding company, it now staffs over 25 employees and manages 16 aircraft under its 8 subsidiaries. We are continuing to grow and find joy in solving problems along the way.

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Our Subsidiaries

UAS Drone (Part 107)

FAA approved commercial drone training to become certified to pilot a UAS (unmanned aerial system). 

Pinehurst Aces (Part 141)

FAA approved flight school. Application Pending.

Orion Aviation (Part 135)

DoD and Government contracting for marine mammal research and fighting wildfires. Coming Summer 2022.

Sandhills Fliers (Part 61)

Flexible flight training for civilians, veterans and active duty from a variety of Top Tier Certified Flight Instructors. Learn to fly in as little as 40 hours of training.

Pinehurst Aviation Medical

Doctors and physician assistants on staff to be able to provide medical transport, Class 1, 2 and 3 Flight Medical Exams, and handle statements needed for disability contracts from Veterans Affairs.

Pinehurst Aviation Services

Professional aircraft maintenance from our highly trained IAs and A&P mechanics who collectively have over 100 years of experience. Repairs, restorations & maintenance all in one place.

Veteran Transition Corps 501(c)(3)

We are recognized as an approved internship program for USSOCOM to assist with special forces military members as they transition out of the military. We regularly assist Wounded Warriors with flights to and from their various medical appointments. 

Entrepreneurial Alliance

Helping veterans to come up with their business plan, getting them registered in the state, and listing their business with the IRS to get their dreams off the ground.

Sandhills Avionics

Garmin-approved avionics installing. Coming Fall 2023